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  • Beard and Body Oil for Men. Barber Shoppe description, "Revel in the timeless charm of Barber Shoppe, a fragrance designed for the modern man. Invigorating bursts of lively Bergamot and crisp basil leaves intertwine seamlessly with the grounding essence of Oakmoss and the subtle richness of white patchouli."
  • Beard and Body Oil for men made with natural ingredients for a soft beard. Available in 3 scents of Barber Shoppe, Outlaw, and Midnight Maverick.
  • Beard and Body Oil for men. Midnight Maverick description "This captivating fragrance, designed for the modern man, weaves together the enchanting elegance of floral notes with the magnetic allure of citrus and amber. It's a scent that exudes confidence and charisma, making it the perfect choice for the discerning gentleman who appreciates both sophistication and sensuality."
  • Beard and Body Oil for men. Outlaw description, "Capture the essence of untamed masculinity and embrace the boldness of Outlaw. The robust aroma of Cedarwood and the rugged allure of tobacco harmoniously mingle with the warm, rich undertones of tonka bean and the aged complexity of oak-aged bourbon."
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Beard and Body Oil for Men

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This amazing, nutrient-rich beard oil will: 

  • help with itchy beardruff (yes, ladies, it’s a thang!)
  • moisturize and soften scratchy hair (no more itchy face for ladies after a smooch) 💋
  • help tame that wild beard into obedience!

Also great to use as a body or hair oil for men. 

    Directions: Use 2-4 drops and massage into the beard hair from the roots out. Longer beards may require 6-8 drops. Short facial hair will need between 2-4 drops - not pumps - so this little gem will last a long time. It can use be used on hair, too, or as an aftershave moisturizer. 

    Ingredients: Argan Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Medium Chain Triglycerides, Fragrance, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin Extract.