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Gia Roma

Blueberry Crumb XL

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Imagine a “just out of the oven” sweet blueberry pie with cinnamon crumb topping.  That is what these and your house will smell like after putting in your wax melt warmer! It reminds of us of an older Farmhouse, that has been completely redone and always has baked goods in the oven or laid out on the counter.  This is the Farmhouse!

  • Includes 4 wax melt cubes
  • Each cube is approx 1.7-2oz
  • Each cube is approx 2.5" x 1" (2-3x larger avg cube size)
  • Wax Melt Warmer is NOT included & sorry we do not sell them
  • Take your cube, put it in your warmer, turn on


Do you know where the scent in your wax melt comes from?

  • With our natural line of melts, you can actually see the hand-ground spices that make up our wonderful scents. And while our wax melts may look a little different than traditional melts, the colors come from the spices themselves, not from synthetic dyes. Each melt is coated with spices that are ground by hand to ensure the freshest ingredients into each product!


Made by hand and by far our favorite melts.   2-3 times larger than the average wax melt and last much longer. 

    Once you receive them, just put 1 cube in your melt warmer, sit back and enjoy your slice of heaven!

    • Big enough to even cut each cube in 1/2 or 1/3 to get longer use out of them.  This turns your order of 4 XL wax melts into 8-12 standard size melts!

    *Wax Warmer NOT included