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Gia Roma

Turkish Hand Towel

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Introducing our luxurious Oversized Turkish Hand Towels – the epitome of style, comfort, and versatility. Made to match our other larger towels you can view HERE.

Crafted with care to elevate your everyday experiences.

Made from 100% premium cotton, our Turkish towels boast a sumptuous feel that's both soft and highly absorbent. The oversized dimensions ensure versatility, making them perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you're looking for a kitchen or bathroom hand towel, a stylish addition to your tabletop decor as a plate or silverware base, a fashion-forward scarf, or a trendy headwrap, these towels effortlessly blend functionality with style.

But what sets our Turkish towels apart is not just their size and material, but the exquisite bamboo tassels that adorn each end. The natural elegance of bamboo adds a touch of sophistication, turning a simple towel into a statement piece. The meticulously chosen color palette ensures you can find the perfect shade to complement your personal style and home decor, with options ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant hues.

Transform your daily rituals into moments of luxury with these versatile towels. Whether you're drying off your hands from the sink, adding a touch of flair to your kitchen, or accessorizing your outfit with a trendy scarf, our Oversized Turkish Towels effortlessly adapt to your lifestyle. Embrace the fusion of functionality and aesthetics – redefine your everyday with our timeless and chic towels. Elevate the ordinary, indulge in the extraordinary.

  • Approx: 16x44"
  • 44" Long with Tassels | 39.5" Not Including Tassels
  • 15.75"-16" Wide
  • Color: Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Gray, Yellow, Red, Pink available
  • Jacquard Design/Diamond/Stripes
  • 100% Cotton | Bamboo Tassels
  • 180 GSM


  • Machine Wash Cold + Tumble Dry Low Heat
  • Do Not Use Hot Iron, Fabric Softener, or Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean