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Gia Roma

Santa's 💩 List Sign

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This funny wooden block sign is sure to bring smiles to faces while adding the perfect dose of holiday humor to your home décor. Who knows, you may even make the dreaded list! ;)

Brighten up your holiday season with Santa's 💩 List - the perfect wooden block sign to add a touch of Christmas decor and cheeky humor to your homestead! Sure to bring a smile to holiday guests and Scrooge-like family members alike. Don't be naughty, or you just might find yourself on Santa's 💩 List!


  • 10x4x1"
  • Thick wood - Due to thickness & durability it is perfect to display on a table-top, shelf, mantle or can free-stand 
  • Plain wooden back.  There is nothing to hang it up with, but you can easily buy attachments if you wish to hang these!