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Gia Roma

Slate Rounds / Coasters

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Natural Slate Rounds

Sourced from an Upstate NY Quarry these slate rounds are great for so many things!

  • Buy individual coasters or as a set (options in drop down menu)
  • Add on Oil or Soapstone in the style drop down menu to use to write on your slate! 
  • Coasters
  • Writing messages On
  • Children Drawing
  • Mini Appetizer Plates
  • Name placements at weddings or other events
  • Kids absolutely LOVE these - it's a great entertainment piece for kids & one you'd never think of.  Makes a great gift or busy item for them!

The list is endless!


  • Approx 4"
  • Natural Edge
  • Eva Feet on the Bottom of each to prevent surface scratching
  • All Natural Product
  • Buy Individually or a set of 6
  • Food grade mineral oil applied to each coaster per order.  See below on details of how the oil helps protect the slate & make it give that nice dark black appearance.  We'll also include a before and after pic of slate products so you can see the difference.  If you prefer we not apply any, just ask or note it during purchase!

Mineral Oil

Slate products look completely different if mineral oil is applied (see pics).  Without the oil it has more of a chalk like look.  Without the oil fingerprints are easily seen on them when touched from natural oils.  However, the chalk like look is very nice and rustic, so many do prefer this.

The other look is Food Grade Mineral Oil applied over it.  This darkens the slate to black and gives it a more sleek look.  We do offer to apply it to your trays for you, at an additional cost or you can buy it and apply yourself HERE.

If you want us to apply it, just select the "Slate & Oil Application" option when purchase.  Please allow an additional 24 hours to ship for this option, as it needs time to air dry before shipping.


  • Only need to use a pea size drop(s) when applied.  As a very small amount of oil goes a very long way!
  • If you have a slate tray with lettering on it, you may go around lettering otherwise it will dim the brightness of the white on the letters.  It will not ruin it.  However, the words will just be a tad darker.
  • If you have a slate coaster with lettering on it, the oil will not effect the brightness of the text (this is due to difference in applying our art on the slate)
  • Good Grade Mineral Oil is safe to put on the tray you will be eating off of.

Food grade mineral oil helps to maintain the integrity of the slate and bring out the unique stratifications and color variations in the stone. Protect your slate for years to come with our bottled food grade mineral oil. Simply wipe down the stone with a drop or two of oil twice a year or as needed.